Hi, I'm Jon. I teach the classes. Here's some things to know about me;

I grew up in Chicago and studied photography and cinematography at Columbia College. I moved to Austin in 2010. I am married to my favorite person and we have 2 kids, Charlie and June. As a stay-at-home Dad for 4 years, I began trying to find children's photography classes in Austin for them and discovered they did not exist. Theses classes are as much fun for me as they are for my students. What I enjoy most about teaching photography to children is watching a child see life through the camera. Putting a camera in a child's hand is a game changer. Everything fades away and they just focus on taking the photo. Photography can be a very self gratifying art form and can bring a lot of confidence to a young mind. It is my goal to promote and encourage that confidence in every child that walks through the door.