July 26th - 30th

July 26th - 30th

9 AM - 3 PM


Ages 7-10


Still Life Day, Set Design Day, Portrait Day, Field Trip Day and Show Day! 

Each day we will focus on a different aspect of photography and art. Bring a camera, use a camera from Shutter Bugs, either way they will get to know cameras.


Campers will learn:

  • what a still life is and how to photograph a still life
  • create a set, paint, decorate and photograph a scene in the set they design
  • learn portraiture lighting and how to create a good portrait
  • invent creative holiday themed photos and learn to design them
  • take a field trip to photograph a unique place in Austin
  • Edit and pick photographs to be displayed in a gallery show on the final day of camp


Limited to 4 campers per week